Machine Tax 2019: Changes Announced – What Pays And When It Can Take Effect – Auto


Environment Minister Gratia Gavrilesekus announced that the future tax that car owners will pay will apply to all politing vehicles, not just ten years old. The final form of the new one Car taxes Will have more "components", but they will not enter into force on January 1, 2019, according to the minister.

"As I have said many times, there is no pollution tax, or environmental stamp or other name that includes the word tax. Instead, I argued and continues to say that the Polymers pay not only co2 emissions, but also in case In the working group of specialists from the Ministry of Environment, the Environment Fund Administration, the Rar, the Ministry of Transport and Finance (…), they tried to pay off, and in the other case, the policymaker should pay. Find a final ride M by consulting the two car manufacturers in Romania and who over the years have been able to lead us as specialists in the field and who currently have various consulting firms so that we can not find a form of potential donation the citizen should pay when CO 2 Emissions must be obtained when the cylinder used in the vehicle has a certain capacity to produce emissions and the pollution standard, "explains the minister yesterday in Plesty, writes

"The final form is approaching In order to be able to implement this contribution, it does not mean that a single component, with more than one component, will also take place and inform citizens, and may include a grace period for accommodation, for information And give citizens a decision to make a shorter or more time with their own vehicle that is older than ten years polishing and thus giving them the opportunity to buy a clean vehicle, "said Grattyela Gavrilescu.

Which the minister said about the new car tax in the past

"It is a working group of our colleagues in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Transport, a working group to which the Romanian motor vehicle manufacturers and the goers have done so the studies of air quality studies, such as To find a variety (self-imposed tax) that can not be achieved from the point of view of justice, and not to be cumulative of anyone, "said the Minister of Environment.

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