"I will change a lot …"


When her father kidnapped and beat her, Betty Stoian announced her announcement! The artist's daughter will make a big change in her life.

Betty Salam is a satisfied woman! The first october was very special for the family of Florina Slam. His daughter, Betty, gave birth to a completely healthy baby. Little weighed 3, 200 pounds, he had 51 centimeters and he was 10th birthday. And now the star is determined to make a big change. (READ OUT: NO CREDIT VALUES RELATED TO BETTY SALAM!) NOT BEEN SIGNED)

"I am not accustomed to the heels, but after nine months it's difficult … (…) There is frustration, thinking, changing, I will change a lot! I would go almost every day in the fitness room to get a room like the world. feel good with your body, then with others I also take Catalina into the hall Holiday I Yes I want to make the children for a year and go to Turkey We know the baptism in March We wanted to make him a little younger, Fortunately, we have a lot of knowledge and we all want to be present. Very simply with many white roses ", said Betty Stoian at "Bad to Good".

Florin Salam came to the hospital the next day

Florin Salam came to the hospital the next day to see his niece. And this is because he was in Israel. And only a few hours after receiving the news that he became a grandfather, Florin Salam made a surprising move. The artist and his wife Roxan were baptized in the Jordan waters. The emotional event took place during a visit to a famous couple with their gods in Israel. (SEE AND THE FIRST COUNTRIES OF BETTY SALAMA IS KNOWN BY INTERFACE: "THANK YOU, YES …")

"It was not the first day, the next day he came to my hospital in the first hour, he was so stupid, he was very enthusiastic, he was sweaty, I saw him more enthusiastic than to marry my marriage. I think he exploded It's very happy Always rings My dad is very good I also saw the film on the internet I saw this more often happens ", said Betty Stoian at "Bad Daughters".

Florin Salam and Roxana Good for 4 years

The love story between Roxana Good and a famous maneuver began in the summer of 2014 in a club in Bucharest. Their relationship became stable when singer Manele dealt with the funeral of Father Roxana. The artist has two girls and a boy with Roxana Dobra: Jacqueline Maria, Rania and Simon Stephen. Brineta became the mother on the 8th of July.

Manelist also has two children in a marriage with Stephenio or Fănico, as the first woman who was cured with cancer: Dany and Betty. His first love ended on April 12, 2009 – he was only 27 years old, and the artist's and his family's efforts to save it were in vain.(READ OUT: HOW THE KINARY CHEMISTRY IS IMPOSED ON DRĂGUŞAN BIANCA: A SINGLE VEGETABLES WITH A WHITE EXCHANGE TRUCK)

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