Google Chrome will block all ads on some sites


The strategy that Google wants to prevent from abusing webmasters who want to increase their profits is moving to a higher level. Misleading ads, such as those that simulate a variety of PC problems to determine the purchase of anti-virus services or the installation of suspicious software, will be punished with the full censorship of ads on this site.

In fact, Google Chrome will do what AdBlock and other extensions do to prevent crawling for a longer period of time, but only for those sites that load visitors and compromise your device's security.

Changes from Chrome 71 (expected to be released in December) will only affect a small number of websites, especially those with law enforcement activities, such as those that specialize in hosting torrent and pornographic content.

Google ensures that no website will be penalized without notice, owners of sites that are subject to a new 30-day rule to fix the situation and require a re-evaluation

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