Gerard Depardieu, accused of violating. The famous actor is in the middle of a survey


According to a police source that said by AFP, the actor "heard in a freelance negotiation" and was not placed under surveillance, informs Ahherpres.

Gerard Depardieu is accused of rape and sexual attack by an actress. The complaint against 69-year-old depardieu was filed at the end of August. The works would have happened in the actor's home, a building in Central Paris on 7 and 13 August.

"Good luck to Depardieu absolutely contests any aggression or villa.I regret the public nature of the procedure, which brings great damage to Depardieu, whose innocence I am convinced will be recognized," acting actor Herr Teme told AFP.

Alert in hospitals in Romania! Pregnant and babies in jeopardy! Serious cases in Bucharest!

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