For public money! Who is a sexy giant, he hired freshly for 22 years, and what he writes in his summary


Lorena Teodora Cazacu, nephew of the mayor Victor Dragušin, employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She attended the Faculty of Psychology at the private university, and she will take over the new post from 15 November in the framework of the MAE. And there will be no function, it will be part of the team that prepares the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. although she does not know if she has progressed to this position through the make-up that followed, but I heard that she has more important recommendations at school than school. Lorena's father is Nicolae Cazacu, general director of the MIA, the mother is Georgeta Cazacu, a consultant at the Ministry of Agriculture, according to

A young lady can boast a scholarship at a private college in France, where the dean is still in Teleorman, as well as a practice that continued on to the MAE.

Original photo: Free in Teleorman

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