FC Botosani – FC Voluntari VIDEO SUMMARY


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In the first match of the Liga 1 round, FC Botoşani defeated FC Volunteers on their own field, 2-0. The goals were scored in the first half by Mikhail Rome and Catanol Golofka.

Volunteers failed to return after the break, as ilfovens suggested on Facebook account (more details here).

FC Botoşani will stay on the podium in the play-out after this stage. The Moldavians achieved the third consecutive success on their own, yet a perfect match against FC Voluntary. Romans opened the score after almost ten minutes of play. The replica came tired of the elephants. Signiorelli sent across. But Popadiuk has difficulty in his teammates to work hard. He received two yellow cards for protests and was eliminated. At the end of the half-time, Golopka scattered emotions with a sensational purpose. Bootsani defeated volunteer 2-0, although in the second act he could score at least once.

FC Botosani – FC Voluntari 2-0
They scored: m novel 9 & 9 ;, Golofka 45 2 & # 39;

Starting teams

  • FC Botoşani: Fraisl – Miron, Pitian, Burca – Patache, J. Rodriguez, E. Papa, L. Fulop – Golofca, M. Roman, Fabbrini
    Reserves: Pulp, Chindris, Tarsa, Bus, Angegenda, Karaboue, Oaida

  • FC Voluntari: Mittrov – Rousseau, Balura, Armies, Al. Vlad – also Gerhorge, Signellelli, Washington – Popadiuc, Tudorie, Gadze
    Reserves: Vâtca, Hodorogea, Pîrcălabu, Lazăr, G. Deac, Belahmeur, Ad. Balan

Kind. 90: The Bossani game will be extended for at least three minutes.

Kind. 66: Occasionally Bossany! Mihai Roman was close to reaching the double. The corner bridge of Midwitz was converted into a decent shot from the right.

Kind. 45 + 2: GOL Botosani! Golopka catches a real touch from the edge of the box.

Kind. 35: Removing Volunteers! Doru Popadyuk sees the second yellow card and leaves the dressing room prematurely.

Kind. 12: Noble Volunteers! Signorelli took a left-footed shot that landed humbly in the side of the net.

Kind. 9: Gol Bosotani! Mikhail Rome opened the score with a shot at that murderer who had no reaction.

The match began.

FC Botoşani and FC Voluntari open the series of the 9th round of League 1. If the Moldavians are in third place in the 26-point play, the Ilfovs have emotions in saving the relegation, they rank 5, with 23 points , Two points of dam.

FC Botosani – FC Voluntari, LIVE VIDEO, Telekom Sport 3, Friday, 18.00

In the last five games, the hosts were forced twice, captained in two rows and completed once in the draw. On the other hand, the visitors only three points in the last five matches, after finishing with Poly Yasi, FC Hermannstadt, Danube Kalarasi and losing to Dynamo and Gas Metan Medias.

Similarly, the situation is a bit more complicated. The Elephants won two from the last five events and lost only once, but the other Moldovans did not show all three in 2016.

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