Daniela Crude brought her sister to "Chefs on knives"

Ana Maria Crudu, sister of the famous Daniele Crudu, came to Chefi la knitte to impress Cătălin Scărlătescu, Florin Dumitrescu and Sorin Bontea.

A young woman said she wants to work hard on "cooks at the knives".

"I really enjoy the show and I also want to meet the bosses. And most importantly, I wanted to compete, see what it is like to have emotions to judge them to press them in and cook and show on television – It seems to me the toughest ", said Ana Maria Crudu.

"Quickly get upset. Start and scream"she told Daniel Crude about her sister.

Ana Maria Crudu said she cooked from her youth and has emotions by working with chefs on knives, but she comes with optimism and good will.

"Although I think so, I am an art artist and it seems to me that we do not have business with the kitchen, we come from a normal family and even sit in the kitchen when I have a little time and I have something", said sister Daniela Crude.

Ana Maria also talked about her relationship with her sister Daniela Crude, with whom she lives.

"I'm very happy to be her sister, she's always taking me with me, wearing all her clothes. We understand well, we love him very much. I did not want to be as famous as Daniel", said Ana Maria Crudu.

Ana Maria admitted that her sister Daniela Crude is preparing cocktails when she is hungry.

Blonde cooked pork sponge in the pistachios.

Ana Maria Crudu also received a gift for three chefs – she gave them a t-shirt with a habit.

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