Cluj killed the man after receiving the order


Two spouses lived in Cluj-Napoca, but each weekend she spent her time in her father's home in Lac. Last night they came for drinking a pig today and nothing predicts what will happen. At about 6:30 in the morning, a man called his brother and told him that he killed his wife by squeezing her neck. Upon arrival at the house of both, the aggressor's brother announced to the police. Soon afterwards, the site was taken away by the police and criminals who started their research, according to

At the hearing, the aggressor told police officers that he had received some codes last night, according to which he had to kill his wife in 3 and 19 minutes. The man also told investigators that he went into action only when black BMW parked in front of the house and blinked the headlights, that is, the signal determined by the received codes.

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