Vera Kalodzig reacted to Jessica Authay pregnancy


Diogo Amaral ex-girlfriend has already reacted to Jessica Athayde's pregnancy through social networks.

"Congratulations to boys," writes Vera Colodzig, on the Instagram, being enthusiastic about the news.

The actress and Diogo Amaral are together for about three years and have a son in common, matus.

Explains that Jessica Athayde and Vera Kolodzig's ex-partner announced the last Tuesday, the 27th that they will be parents and have been very happy with the news. However, the two actors were keen to explain that the news was not given at the time they most wanted.

"I would not love to post this post, but unfortunately they left me with no option." I start with one thing: the rate of spontaneous abortions in a first pregnancy is huge and unfortunately it is a part of many women live. If I'm really aware of this fact, I never thought of giving this news until I had a supplement that was considered by physicians as the "time of vulnerability" of a pregnancy, the phase in which I find myself, "they clarified, on social Networks.

"I'm really pregnant, I'm in good health but still very early in my first pregnancy Today, I was confronted with the fact that a magazine is preparing news on this topic, without any modesty for our diogo) Intimacy or Respect, for our right to compile this event at our own pace.This saddens.If everything goes well, in a while I will go around bellie.If it does not happen, there it is, you'll also know, once that we Are required to talk long before us For we do not want anything to give this news, but what we can not even leave is that a journal tells us first about the subject that, if all goes well, promises to be one of the best moments of our lives We apologize to our friends who will be surprised by the news through social networks. The idea was to tell you personally.When I feel certain, you will be the first to know more news. Until then, we will not talk about it, "they found.

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