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Vasco Estrela responds to Cabrita. Attack the attack of the minister on the mayor of Macau is unworthy


"Full surprise." This is how Vasco Estrela responds to the criticism of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita.

"I never thought the minister lived so desperately with dissenting opinions, and when faced with clear and objective and factual criticism he would react the way. I regret that he was with me at 3pm and didn't have the courage to say Eye to eye what he said, "I am very surprised to see these statements," said the mayor.

Listen to the reviews by Vasco Estrela of Eduardo Cabrita.

"He is accusing me of not activating the Government's Civil Protection Emergency Plan this morning is approved by the Government. There are accidents that happen and what is really regrettable. It is a pity that the minister did not say what the emergency plan was. Well, whatever the minister explained, he added.

Vasco Estrela said he also noticed the lack of resources on the ground. "The minister needs to justify the mechanic and the Portuguese as it is possible to have whole villages without fire-fighting them to defend. This is the responsibility of the minister," he said.

If the minister had the courage to come and say what he said about the people of the county, he said.

The mayor of Macau was surprised by the statements made by Eduardo Cabrita. In an interview with RTP, the Minister of Home Affairs criticized Vasco Estrela's attitude.

"The Mayor of Mação, with disgust that he believed was a distress, was motivated by the excitement of the event that took place in his county, not choosing to promote the activation of the Municipal Emergency Plan. "No cooperation between the civilian protection forces and a TV commentator, because after every briefing, television broadcasts have been made," criticized the minister.

Responding to the criticism, Vitco Estelas revealed it was "total surprise" that he had heard the minister's words.

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