The Mozambique Central Hospital this year presents the outbound surgery – observer


The Central Hospital of Beira (HCB), Mozambique's headquarters, is launching outpatient surgery this year through the Ambulance Association of Portugal.

The Portuguese alliance's president, Carlos Magalhães, the Mozambican daily Notícias quoted Portuguese experts as being prepared for surgeons, nurses and postgraduate students to provide outbound surgery at HCB. "We will train surgeons, nurses and postgraduate students here in Beira for safer ambulatory surgery," said Carlos Magalhães.

Magalhães pointed out that outpatient surgery reduces patients' surgical intervention queues and reduces economic risks. The president of the Portuguese Outpatient Surgery Association explained that this type of medical intervention ensured that 50% of patients were operated and discharged on the same day.

Leonildo Soares, HCB's medical surgeon, said the hospital was creating conditions that provide adequate infrastructure, equipment, and human resources for outpatient surgeries.

Last week almost 200 Mozambique healthcare professionals started outpatient care in the main outpatient departments of Maputo, Beira and Nampula, Portuguese specialists, according to the Portuguese Ambulance Association.

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