Stylist helps Demi Lovat stay sober


The stylist helps Demi Lovat remain sober - disclosure

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Although young stylist Henry Levy was eliminated as Demi Lovato's new love interest, Entertainment Tonight said that Levy was a close friend of the star and helped her stay sober, having spent 90 days in rehabilitation.

Demi was repeatedly seen with Henry, but the informer explained that they were only friends.

"Henry and Demi met a couple of years ago in rehabilitation, quickly became friends, Henry seriously took a sober life and when Demi had a sad recurrence, they once lost contact … now Henry is exactly a friend of Demi needs. It's perfect, a sober boy behind her. Your friends think she has a positive influence on her. "

The source added, "Henry and Demi stay home watching movies … they go together together to eat, to the cinema … It's a key moment in Demi's process of sobriety and really helps in reading away from customers." .

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