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This week, as usual, marks the arrival of some games to the PlayStation® Store. Featured titles include Darksiders III, Ride 3, Pro Fishing Simulator and In Death. Players can also play the PlayStation®4 version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Darksiders III is an action-adventure title in an apocalyptic country where players will have to take on the role of Fury in their quest to pursue and eliminate the seven deadly sins. In addition to its Standard Edition, PlayStation® Store also features a Deluxe Edition and a Blades & VIP Edition of the game. Know more here.

Those who like racing games will love to know what words 3 is another of the new features highlighted this week on PlayStation® Store. Here players will have the opportunity to race around 30 different tracks around the world and test the speed of more than 230 bikes available. At the same time, they will discover the new Volumes career mode, where they will have a great freedom of choice and access to the best motorcycles of the most famous manufacturers. The Drive 3 Gold Edition is also among the highlights of the week and is a great choice for those who want to expand their two-wheel experience with still enjoyment.

Pro Fishing Simulator is the ideal title for all those who like fishing, since here it is possible to explore the most beautiful fishing sites in the world and to catch big fish by combining techniques with the best official equipment. Here, players will have the opportunity to travel through 9 fishing grounds on real world places such as Corsica, German Black Forest and Colorado in the United States, and to fish 79 types of fish with realistic behaviors.

In death, a rugged virtual reality shooter featured on PlayStation®Store this week, unfolds in a medley of drifting, disorderly-generated ruins, where dependent souls, angelic hordes and demons are out of control. Players will have to fight in the next to restore harmony. For this, they will have to fight with their weapon of choice and challenge other players to climb the ladders in asynchronous multiplayer mode. You know more about PlayStation®Store.

There is more to come and PlayStation®Store this week, you can also book player player's known Battlegrounds, a title where players will have to defeat all their opponents to be the ultimate survivor in an exciting gaming experience, full of Unexpected moments and exploding with adrenaline.

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