Prima Santa Claus distinguishes traumas about Alzheimer's and recuperating leses – Pas


The euphemisms of the neurocientist Luís Lopes, Molecular João Lobo Antunes Medical Center, have obtained the Prize of Mantero Belard, on the basis of a protein estuary that is based on the origin of the protein associated with Alzheimer's disease.

In collaboration with Nuno Sousa, Universidad do Minho, foi galardoado com Prémio Melo e Castro, with the process of recuperación de pessoas com leseses médoses mediales via the usperfeiçoado de um exosqueleto (estrutura desenvolvida para auxiliar para locoção de pessoas paraplégicas ) is controlled by the keyboard.

Cada uma equipas é premiada com 200 mil euros.

Considering the prospect of investing in cinema or clinics but also important in the field of neuroscientific, the Casa Santa Neuroscientists distinguish the study on neurodegenerative neurodegenerals in envelope such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and traumas on recuperation, cura de lesões or medial spinal (Prémio Melo e Castro).

The announcement of Lusa, a neurocientist Luísa Lopes explicitly states that his or her own studio is designed to support the prevention of amino acids (APP), which processed beta amiloids, protects the tumor's protein associated with Alzheimer's disease, but forms part of democracy.

The idea is that the APP, which is "nutritional for the neurons" (cerebral cells) in normal conditions, is "a different process of different" medicines that are envelope.

Established in Luanda, Lopes raised the tax burden on the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, taking place on the beta-amino acids and when it comes to manifestation and neurons.

The estuary is very important in the novelty of the neurons that are part of the celebration of pessimism and idolatry.

O investigator Nuno Santos, from the Universidad do Minho, to Lusa, the project that co-ordinates "complementary rearrangement on the part of the do-it-yourself medicines and to help the people enjoy the quality of life".

His own team will test his exosqueleto – like `Nuno Santos', which allows you to" recuperate the algae of your motorcycle "- in the past with the verbal lesions that have been added to the rehabilitation program in hospitality in Portugal e no Brasil.

Nuno Santos explained that the exams have been controlled by the eletroence phenomena that have been done, in the form of "serial compounds for sensory information" – problems, visually impaired virtual and real-time virtues, and territories.

The exosqueleto, assimilated, controlled by the cells of cerebral currents, cells, neurons, are 'excited' by sensitive senses.

The venues of the 2018 edition of the Santa Claus Neuro-Academics Awards are held by a medical journalist and professor of Catarina Aguiar Branco, chaired by the Sociedade Physical and Physical Medicine of the Physicist, including the inherited parasites of the Iniciative.

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