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The Health Minister, Sílvia Lutucuta, said that the sector has a program for the treatment and prevention of sleep disorders. According to the Minister, the proposal for OEA for 2019 provides a slice of around 775 million quansas to combat the disease.

Minister of Health, Silvia Lutukuta
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For mobile teams, which have the mission of combating anti-vectorial, early detoxification, treatment and follow-up of patients with sleep disorder, about 63 million square feet are reserved.
The minister added that the budget of health is still not the best. Therefore, he argued, the sector has to set priorities and set goals in the short, medium and long term.
Sivillah Lutukuta feared that the construction of a hospital apparatus for treatment and prevention of tuberculosis is also in the health sector priorities. "Tuberculosis should not only be treated in the Sanatorium Hospital (Luanda)," said the minister.

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