Nicole Kidman recalls drastic change because of Tom Cruise

The actress, who lived in Australia, moved to the United States after falling in love with Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman's wedding to Tom Cruise has always changed the direction of her life. Speaking to Variety, the 55-year-old artist recalled the time she left Australia to move to the United States. He later went to Los Angeles after rallying Tomos in 1990 in the movie Days of Thunder.

"I moved here because I feel passionate and married", He confessed. "I have always made choices for love," he added, recalling that at the time, as there were no social networks, like so many Paparazzi, it was much easier to have a relationship in public. .

Kidman and Cruz divorced in 2001 after more than a decade of marriage. Both have two children in commonly accepted: Isabella, 25 and Kanor, 23.

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