Joana Latino Reacts to Controversy with Julia Pala – A TV


Julia Pala did not like Joana Latino's comments on this program Red Crosswalk From Sikh and Sikh Karas and reacted through a long text published in social networks.

«What a glimpse of what I heard. As sad, in the middle of 2018, a comment from the being woven by a woman. Most people who claim to have enough brisket"Said the actress.

The SIC commentator reacted to the controversy in the program last Wednesday, the 21st.I think it was here … the crises, the really important things … we're often here in the Walkway We commented, and there are people who are in a trance, and come movements … All crazy because of a dress, because someone said he thought well or thought bad"He said, finished the matter at the moment.

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