Jerónimo ensures that he does not give up the minimum wage to € 650


"[Este é] a struggle that we did not give up despite the opposition of the PS, PSD and CDS for the project of valorizing the minimum wage that the PCP presented at the assembly of the republic that was discussed a few days ago. Workers who produce wealth and wealth should be divided in a fairer way, "said Jerónimo de Sousa at a public session on PCP intervention.

The communist leader stressed that PCP will continue to fight for the general appreciation of wages, including the fixing of the national minimum wage to "650 euros on 1 January 2019".

"As long as there are low wages, there will be low reforms, and the battle for raising wages is an important battle," he said.

The secretary general of the communist also argued that current statistics show that "government theories of the PSD and CDS" were wrong and that "exploitation and impoverishment" was not necessary.

"The PSD and CDS governments have said that it is necessary to sacrifice that inevitably the policy of exploitation and impoverishment will continue in these four years and in the coming years if it were a government. And after all, life has proven that this path there is no inevitable exploitation and impoverishment. According to all statistics, the economy has grown and people have capacity to spend, "he stressed.

For Jerónim de Sous: "the method of valuing wages is good for the economy, it is good for the state and for the good of workers."

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