Index of Aedes Aegypti infestation in Ajuricaba is alarming, affirms environmental vigilance – RPI – Rádio Progresso de Ijuí


May 10, 2019

05/10/2019 3:14 p.m.
Tomatoes Hank
05/10/2019 3:14 p.m.

The Environmental and Epidemiological Surveillance of the University of Aurora expresses an alert to the population. The data verified by the Rapid Survey of the Infestation Index by Aedes Aegypti (LIRAA), indicates that the municipality has an infestation index of 5.9%, which places the municipality at high risk of infestation, since the world has been ranked by the World Health Organization Is only 1%.

The file shows that, of every 100 homes surveyed, 6 have a positive outbreak for Aedes aegypti. This week, the team of Epidemiological Surveillance Work to carry out a new survey to update the data, but stressed that the situation is vurisome, because many focuses were found.

According to the epidemiological agent Anelise Appel, in the municipality there are no suspected cases, nor with dengue. However, the professional shows that the concern is with neighbors municipalities where there are cases of dengue, because the population of Aururica is traveling for various reasons to those places where they can contact the virus.

The fight against mosquitoes is not just an epidemic of epidemiological surveillance, but there is everyone's work. The epidemiological Surveillance Authority of Aururica says that after the end of the new survey, the team will visit 100% of the city's properties together with the Community's Health Agents Community. From the visits, the epidemiological profile of each area and the actions that will be developed will be carried out.

The Aurora City Council has Municipal Law 2176/2010, which states that the owners, tenants, over-insurers or in no way, of real estate, with or without building, are located in the territory of the Aurora of the City of Aurora.
Required to adopt measures necessary to maintain the clean assets, without accumulating garbage, debris and other insurable materials, avoiding conditions that allow the establishment and proliferation of vectors that Deng Deng. The failure to do so implies an intricacies classified as serious or very serious, resulting in fines ranging from R $ 500.00 to R $ 1,500.00, as well as answering to a Civil Inquiry with the Public Pre-School's Office.

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