Huawei announces that 34 devices must support navigation features


Navigation gestures were first noticed in Motorola models via fingerprint readers, but with Apple iPhone X this functionality became more common, and more companies began to take similar functions. For example, Xiaomi, OnePlus and even Google itself have decided to accept the gesture navigation system. It looks like Huawei is next.

Some believe that Huawei's adoption of gestures is somewhat slow. However, this feature allows you to maximize the use of the screen, for example, without an icon that contains the Back or Home icons. The new Huawei Mate 20 already has this feature, but the brand has said that all its smartphones that have started in the past two years will have a novelty.

Together, there is a list of 34 suggestions that include the already supported template and those that do not yet have a feature. Among them are:

Among the models that should still have access to the update with the feature are the Mate 9, P20, P10, the new 2s, and Honor 9. However, the impression we have is that Huawei is trying to reach competition by updating for Android 9.0 Pie for a variety of headphones and the capture of a turbo graphics processor on top-level older ones such as Mate 9 and P10. Finally, it has not yet been determined when the function will land on missing models.

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