Government wants to pass the cherries from Borba to the fine com – environment

The Inspectorate-General for Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning (IGAMAOT) will perform an inspection of the licenses, operations, supervision and suspension of the quarries in the region where it is found within 45 days. The accident on November 19, "The Ministry of Environment and Energy Transmission announced in a statement.

The decision of João Pedro Matos Fernandes is known at a time when, in Borba, search continues to find the victims' bodies. The landslide caused the accident last Monday on National Highway 255, which connects Borba to Villa like Ososa.

A backhoe is collapsing within one of the quarries that the road is about 50 meters deep. Two other vehicles, an automobile and an open box of the road, are also dragged.

For now, only one of the bodies is recovered and, according to Lusa, for the morning the water drainage operations of the quarries where the landslide and the attempt to remove the second body have been planned.

"It's our objective … to begin drainage operations, using the pumps and all the installed capacity," said Jose Ribeiro, at a meeting with journalists at the Borba Fire Brigade, Evora District, where he operational activity.

In this way, added the official, "With the drainage of the two water plans of the quarries," Civil Protection believes that it will have "conditions to work and, in general, to make the recognition with greater quality of the whole site" .

The prosecutor, however, instituted "an investigation to convince the circumstances surrounding the incident," the Attorney General's Office said in response to Luca.

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