Government open credit is worth 5 million for storm-affected producers Leslie – Observer


The government has instituted two credit lines that come in the Friday at a total of € 5,000,000 to support producers affected by the storm lightly and by the heat waves.

"The two lines of credit, for a total amount of € 5,000,000, aim to meet the money requirements and income losses from the production failures" of members of industry organizations, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development.

According to the government, one of the $ 3 million lines is aimed at supporting agricultural cooperatives and producers of organizations in the wine and fruit sectors at the national level.

"With a value of € 2,000,000, the second line of credit has benefited from agricultural purchasers and producer organizations with headquarters in the municipalities of the country, especially by the storm, regardless of the sector," reads in the document.

According to the Ministry, led by Kapsal Santos, a "guaranteed amount will be provided in the form of a loan repairable by credit institutions with a protocol signed with the Institute of Financing Agriculture and Fisheries (IPOOP) and entities of the Portuguese Mutual System Guarantee ".

On October 15, the government had announced a support of € 15 million, in default, for the restoration of productive potential.

The levels of support, in this way, reach 100% for losses up to € 5,000, 85% between 5,000 € and 50,000 € and 50% between 50,000 and 800,000 euros.

The measure covers infrastructure, facilities and agricultural equipment as well as losses and promotional crops such as olive groves and orchards.

The passage from Hurricane Leslie through Portugal, where it came as a tropical storm, caused 28 light injuries and 61 evacuations.

The Civil Protection mobilized 8,217 operational, which has to respond to 2,495 times, especially the fall of trees and structures and landslides.

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