Dengue killed at least 654 in the last decade in Minas Gerais


Four of the victims died this year; Deaths confirmed by the City Hall on Friday (10)

With only 0.5 cm in length and life cycle of maximum 35 days, the mosquito Aedes aegypti 650 people in Minas Gerais over the past ten years, according to a survey conducted by the Secretary of State for Health (SES) at the request of THE TIME. The victims continue to suffer victims: on Friday (10), Belo Horizontal City's first four deaths are due to severe Dengang in the capital this year. More than 92 deaths have been invested by SES. According to experts, these numbers have widened the need for a change of government and population attitude, so that mosquito breathing sites are eliminated.

More than 1.7 million probable cases (suspected and confirmed) were counted between 2009 and the first week of the month. The number of victims of the most serious type of disease in the last decade shows how dengue can be lethal. According to the president of the Mining Society of Infection, Estevão Urbano, when the human body arrives, the virus says inflammatory reaction over the body, which is usually cured in a few days, with natural antibodies and appropriate treatment. However, there are cases of patients who do not produce enough defenses, which increase the risk of death.

"Inflammation ZZ fluid to escape from blood vessels, blood pressure falls, and this leads to low oxygenation and reduced the supply of nutrients to organs such as liver, kidney and lungs. With hemorrhoids, the person can develop into death," he explains.


In a statement, SES reported that "dengue control measures, Zica and chickunia occur all year round and have increased in the warmer months where there is a greater incidence of disease." This year, the state reduced its emergency situation in six macro-regions and released resources to epidemic cities.

A biologist and researcher at the Oswaldo Cruise Institute, Denise Valle, points out the need for a change in scoring calculation with Deng. "There is no utility fighting the mosquito just when the outbreak is happening," he says.

Prior to her, the population needed to look at their own homes, where 80% of the mosquitoes were located, and to collect effective government measures: "There is no problem with throwing insecticide, but of hygiene, garbage collection, regular supply of water and Prevention ".

Capital has 389 new cases every day

The city's first health resort is confirmed by this year's Belo Horizontal Municipal Health Department. According to the weight of the paste, two of these cases, prerexisting diseases have contributed to aggravating the condition.

Since January, 10,490 cases of Deng have been confirmed. Between May 2 and 9, increased by 35%, and the average daily new diagnosis was 389. However, there were still 33,546 reviews under a review.

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The government of Barreiro and Northeast leads the number of probable cases of dengue (suspected and confirmed), with 6,476 and 6,473 records, respectively. Soon, the regional Venda Nova comes with 6,017 probable diagnoses.

The three regions have already been Dengue Care Centers (DAC), specialized in patient care. They will be open from 7am to 6pm on the Saturday (11).

Epidemic affects blood bank

State Denggi epidemic contributes to a 30% drop in blood donors at the Hemominas Foundation, calling for people to look for donation points. The situation, in particular, affects the environmental impact of negative types, which is a 35% reduction.

According to the basis of the problem, patients diagnosed with dengue are prevented from donating blood for 30 days, counting from the end of the symptoms. When the donor is affected by the most severe type of disease, known as hemorrhagic deng, it is necessary to wait six months to apply again as a donor.

Dengue Fever also caused more demand for platelets in hemominas. Between March and April, the increase in material search was 17%.

How to donate


The contribution of blood can be scheduled at the hemoministry of telephone 155 (option 1); Through this site; Or by MGApp. In channels, you can ask questions about the procedure.


In the capital, Hemominas is in Ezequiel Dias, 321, in the Santa Efigênia neighborhood. The venue is open from Monday to Saturday, from 07:00 to 6:00.

* Dead did not count by SES

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