Death of Carla Amorim. Is there safety in shooting training?


Among prisoners, unbelief and sadness are still ruling. The death of 32-year-old Carla Amorim, who was shot during a training session in Paços de Ferreira on Tuesday, "is severely affected by the prison community," DN said. security. "The feeling is general, grief and great sadness". How did this happen? The question that is being asked today is regretting the loss of life, as well as the delicate situation in which a colleague, a shooter, lives after the unintentionally causing the death of Carla Amorim. The dismissal carried out by the trainer of the Intervention and Pulmonary Safety Unit is being investigated by the judicial police and is carried out internally by the Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRSP).

The hour is sad, there are some rebellions among the prisoners. There are those who consider that this compulsory training is not carried out twice a year, and prisoners have been warned that they have been disciplinary procedures for refusing to cooperate. "Some colleagues were disciplined for refusing to shoot without an ambulance with a medical team. He's never present. They understand that this is an act that deals with firearms, and there can always be an accident, as it was now seen. With firearms, the damage is serious and should be immediately heard, "said DN Júlio Rebelo, president of the Prison Guard Union.

In Paços de Ferreira, the medical team of INEM Hospital Padre Américo in Penafiel was supported by the rescue center of the firefighters Paços de Ferreira, who fired after the shooting. Despite attempts to revive, death was reported at the site. "The problem is that this is not defined in the law and the Directorate General claims that in every shooting they do not have the money that they would always have a rescue vehicle," added a trade union official. Júlio Rebelo thinks that's it this is an example "very rare, very unfair, whose contours are not good yet". It is a moment of mourning and pain, so Júlio Rebelo left the purpose in the next days to request a meeting with DGRSP to review the security procedures to be taken in the shooting.

Shooting nearby

The accident surpasses the circumstances in which it occurred. The dismissal of the prisoner who served in the Santa Cruz prison to Bispo was carried out at a very short distance, about four meters, and frontally, with the victim hitting the chest. Now, PJ will listen to the coach who was in shock and by the middle of the afternoon he was not yet audible due to the psychological situation in order to find out how the death occurred. The existence of a human error is a likely scenario. The weapon, 9 mm gun used by the prison services, will be the focus of expertise to determine whether the deficiencies contributed to the result.

According to a source familiar with the case, the trainer is a member of the Interim Security and Intervention Group (GIPS) with military experience before entering prison. He is a man who is very experienced in dealing with weapons.

Carla Amorim has been in prison since 2002 and has been in the Santa Cruz prison to Bispo since 2012, after being stationed in Alentejo. Baião lived with his parents and three younger brothers in the União de Freguesias de Campelo and Ovil, where news of death left the population. The funeral takes place today at 16.00 in Mesão Frio where it is natural.

The DGRSP reported by accident that, in accordance with legal proceedings, the GNR came to the scene and reported to the Judicial Police on the incident and heard the elements that attended the training for professional shooting in the space of the Paços Ferreira chain. Internal investigations are also under way to investigate the causes of the accident, and the investigation was also ordered by the Coordinating Inspector of the DGRSP (Norte) Audit and Inspection Service, which is a public prosecutor.

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