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The Call of Sealiza

It is just because of a scene that Sevdaliza returns to Portugal, after passing through Concerts in Madeira, and in Lisbon, through Mexsef and Super Bow Super Rock. And then, he expressed the life and impact of the life of the Muslim genres through an exotic and experimental approval of trip-hop. The Dutch singer-songwriter from Iranian origin – Sevda Alizadeh by birth – Brings the new ep, The Calling, But also the songs from Ison, The long-running debut that blew the revelation alarms in 2017.

Lisbon Theater and Cinema Capitol
November 29 at 9:00.
Tickets for € 20

Mohamed el Khatib
Anthony Ensyaux

It is life and death

Corinne Dadat Is the portrait of a girl created by Mohamed El Khatib. Between documentary and fictional records, it deconstructs the "invisibility" of this (real) woman to discover the layers of her existence. Do not expect a banal or canonical theater. The play comes from the Franco-Moroccan author and director who has accustomed us to work with maximum levels of intensity – he who reported his mother's death in Ending in beauty (Who was on stage in 2017 in Lisbon and now climbs to Porto) and that, in the coming days, brings us C # is the vie. Presented as "a PerformanceExperience-dimension that is balanced in the wire of delicacy "puts on the other side: the pain of the person who lost a child.

Lisbon National Theater The Maria II
28 and 29 November respectively at 19:00 and 21:00 (C # is the vie); November 30 and December 1 respectively at 09:00 and 19:00 (Corinne Dadat).
Tickets from € 12 to € 17

PORTO Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre
6 and December 7 at 8:30 pm. (Ending in beauty + C # is the vie)
Tickets for € 10

Antonio Chainho
Miguel Madeira

Antones and guitars

Antonio Bellino, the great master and ambassador of the Portuguese Guitar for more than 50 years, is on stage with Antonio Zonojo, a brilliant voice of songs that pass through Fido, Card, Morness, Jazz and MPB through the guitar lap. The concert will serve as an escape for what will happen in the third edition of the Soam as Guitars Festival, April 2019, between Oviras, Evora and (new stop) of Puva de Varzim. A festival that Chainho received new challenges every year: Zambujo succeeds Rão Kyao and Kepa Junkera as a partner in these unpublished shows.

PÓVOA DE VARZIM Sino Theater Garrett
November 29 at 9:30 pm.
Tickets from € 15 to € 24


Wings on back, gun in hand

The Spanish Ángel Fragua stages, from the translation of José Paulo Tavares, the piece by which the British Henry Nayil wrote to close the trilogy Arabian Nightmares, After the award The collector And Echoes. Angel Is a current and demanded monologue that is taken to the scene in several stages of the world and is now represented by the first one in Portugal. It is based on the diverse case of a young Syrian woman captured by the self-proclaimed Islamic State and sold as a sex slave who, after escaping, becomes a Sniper Afraid of the organization. Teresa Arcanjo gives life to the young woman, Rehana, a symbol of resistance.

Villa Real Villa Real Theater
29 and 30 November to 9:30 pm.
Tickets for € 5

Maria Trablo

Premium winning memory

After gaining the "Novo Banco Revelação 2018" photography, according to the jury, due to the "sturdy and idiosyncratic character" of her research, Maria Trubboo (n. 1989, Porto) exhibits in Serralwes the winning project, The revenge of forgetfulness, In which he asked "the relation of photography to the limits of human memory". At the same exhibition, you can see the functions of the other three finalists: Anna Linhares, Team Universal 2018 and Carlo Arteiro, who have participated in working on the Colonial Heritage, the concept of identity and the exploration of the photographic practice by others Paths artistic

Porto Serralwes Museum
From 30 November to 27 January. Monday to Friday, 10 am-6pm (24 and 31 December, until 4:00 pm); Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10: 00-7: 00. Closed on 25 December and 1 January.
Tickets for € 10

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