Clubs for basketball league approve Sporting return in 2019/20

"Recognizing the strategic importance of the presence of the Libelian emblem at the competition, the integration of Sporting into the Placard League was well accepted, proposals for changing the competitive model, extended to 14 clubs, were published and will be re-discussed soon," the federation said.

According to the statement of the Portuguese Basketball Association, nine clubs (Esgueira, FC Porto, Galitos to Barreiro, Illibum, Ovarense, Lusitania, Benfica, Oliveirense and Vitória de Guimarães) and four associations (Aveiro, Braga, Lisboa and Setúbal).

However, the FPB explains that "all the emblems of the top basketball basket have made it possible for the federation to achieve its position in this field".

In the campaign for the chairmanship of Sporting, Frederico Varandas, who eventually became the winner, announced the integration of Sporting in basketball league 2019/20.

The left were eight times the national basketball champions, the last in 1981/82.

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