Autoeurope's employees will increase by 2.9%, and on Sundays, 100% – the Observer

On Friday, Autoeuropa's employees approved a new labor union agreement setting a pay rise of 2.9% and a 100% payday on Sunday, with 72.8% of the positive votes and 25.9% of the vote against, the Working Commission .

"I am very pleased with the participation of workers in the referendum, which is the highest ever (82.6%), and the approval of the agreement by 72.8% of workers," said the coordinator of the Working Commission of the Lusi Volkswagen automobile factory in Palmela, Setubal district.

According to Faust Dionís, "this is a great deal." "We have always said that we will fight for a good deal, and this is what we have achieved, as workers today recognized," added the coordinator.

In addition to the payment of 100% Sunday work, which was one of the main requirements of Autoeuropa's employees, the new work contract provides for a 2.9% increase in wages in each subsequent two years with a minimum increase of € 25 per worker.

The work agreement that was approved this Friday also ensures the inclusion of 300 workers in the company by the end of July next year.

In the press release with which Lusa Agency held, the management of Autoeuropa also welcomed the approval of a new working agreement.

"Employees of Volkswagen AutoEuropa today approved a work contract for the period from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020," he said in a statement saying that "in the space of 5 thousand and 854 employees 72.8% conditions on which was previously agreed between the Workers' Committee and the company's management. "

For the management of AutoEurope, "this agreement represents an important milestone in consolidating plant growth" and recognizes "the success of the entire team in the process of transforming Volkswagen AutoEurope into a large-scale production unit".

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