Aubameyang almost scored after a shot from the right


59 & # 39; – Aubameyang answers! Gabion returns to the lateral eyes.

58 & # 39; – Nani crossed the left middle. On the left, after the ball had been recovered, there were 17 'lions out there … He reached the line and crossed to Montero, but Cech was attentive.

54 & # 39; – Arsenal continues to charge. The Smith-Rowe sphere, the English wing works well, but slips at the moment of shooting … to Sporting's happiness.

49 – Diaby! In the Arsenal area, the Malian striker concludes a semicircle and the ball strikes Jenkinson. The best move from Sporting to now.

46 – AUBAMEYANG! Mkhitaryan crosses and the attacker hits the left post from the goal of Renan. She calmed down the target in the Emirates.

46 & # 39; – Restart the match!

45 + 4 – INTERVAL! Arsenal had a lot of possession in the first 45 minutes, but he had no great chance to score, except for Welbeck's 18 minutes. Sporting could not get in the game, and focused mainly on defense. There and the left, they tried to go on a counter attack, but they can not cause danger.

45 & # 39; – The referee has four minutes to play.

45 & # 39; – Another Mkhitaran without … no danger to the left.

41 & # 39; – Bruno Gaspar sees yellow when he stopped a counterattack led by Iwobi.

38 & # 39; – Arsenal is increasingly attacking, while Sporting has retained an attacking English training course

33 & # 39; – Coatings are very involved in the meeting.

29 & # 39; – A tactical offense and a correct decision by a judge. They did not notice the pictures to see what happened to Arsenal, but it seems to be associated with a serious injury to the right ankle. Enter Aubameyang for his place.

26 & # 39; – Welbeck in trouble on the pitch. The game stopped for Arsenal's help.

25 & # 39; – After 25 minutes, Arsenal were awarded a penalty.

21 & # 39; – Yellow card for Lichsteiner, after Nani is reluctant.

19 & # 39; – Without Mhitaryan for Welbeck. No danger for green and white! Follows the game …

17 – GO TO GO! What a danger to the leonine lighthouse. Guendozy crosses Welbeck, which ends with a loose, but with a good direction. With Renan, the beaten ball ran very slowly to the goal, and Coates was worth it to cut off on goal.

16 & # 39; – Arsenal's first warning! Smith-Rowe shot.

14 & # 39; – A special game for Miguel Luís.

8 '- The first corner for Arsenal, without danger to the goal Renan Ribeiro.

5 & ​​# 39; – More Arsenal ball in the first few minutes …


0 & # 39; – Timmy is already making profits at the Emirates Stadium, which is well-formed for this match. Everything set for the initial whistle!

0 & # 39; – Watch out for Welbeck, Sporting!

0 & # 39; – The teams have already gathered at the spas. You will prepare the show.

0 & # 39; – He's already warming up in London. Both teams are already on the court!

0 & # 39; – WISH MORE!

ARSENAL: Petr Cech, Jenkinson, Holding, Sokratis P., Lichsteiner, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Iwobi, Mhitaran, Smith Rowe and Welbeck.

Arsenal Substitutes: Martinez, Torreira, Aubameyang, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Kolasinac and Nketiah.

SPORTING: Renan, Bruno Gaspar, Coates, Mathieu, Acuña, Guudel, Miguel Luís, Bruno Fernandes, Nani, Diaby and Montero.

Sport substitutes: Salin, Jefferson, André Pinto, Carlos Mané, Petrović, Bas Dost and Jovane.

0 & # 39; – Sporting has everything on the beach.

Sporting enters Thursday at the Emirates stadium to face Arsenal, coming from an excellent record and winning Alvalade 1-0. The Gunners, led by Unai Emery, have not lost since August 18 and run this group E in the Europa League with nine points from three games.

The left, led by Tiago Fernandes, will try to surprise and "play Sporting" as the coach said in between. Conscious of the difficulties posed by the opponent's power, Green and White will fight for three points and try to reach the group's leadership.

Difficult mission? No doubt. Also because they were the only defeat of Arsenal in the season with two giants: Chelsea and Manchester City. However, there are some changes in the English team that Sporting can also use.

The European League is a game that promises and can be monitored here Sport per minute.

Surprise in London? Sporting you have nothing to lose Arsenal. Bo Sporting wins? Put it € 20 without risk in get 180 €, as Sporting He will win!

More Europa League: Put it € 20 without risk such as Sevilla, Frankfurt, Lazio and Olympiacos, will win and receive € 69.6!

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