Armed robber in the wholesale company in Braga

The attack reported by Manuel Barros, the leading partner of Rosa D & # 39; Ouro, a company selling wholesale and other vending machines and products, took place at 14.30, when it entered the vehicle with another employee to move in bank.

According to the report, at the entrance to the company in the busy area of ​​the city of Bragança, near the hospital, two hooded blinds turned around, which were armed with what looked "like a machine gun and a gun".

According to the managing partner, he and his employees were waiting for the deposit to be deposited in the bank when the attackers "suddenly appeared, laid the car", went to them and pointed their hands to the head, who demanded that they be given everything.

"We were in panic, we did not even believe that this was happening," he said, convinced that he would "have to study" the situation.

Manuel Barros said that one of the alleged attacks "spoke in Portuguese when he said: Give it all", which demanded the values ​​he wore in briefcases and coin bags.

The victims were able to remove the registration plate from the vehicle allegedly used in the robbery and found shortly after the robbery, and then burned in the area of ​​Sv. Bartholomewa, near the city.

According to the company's leading partner, the authorities will verify by registration whether a vehicle from another part of the country will eventually be stolen.

The PSP was named and came to the scene a few minutes after the incident, whose investigation will now continue to be charged with the judicial police.

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