80% of smokers want to quit smoking. But only a small part can – Current

In addition to the increased mortality associated with smoking, they have a significant impact on the loss of quality of life. Smoking is one of the main causes of the prevention of premature death from cancer, respiratory diseases and cerebrovascular diseases.

"Promoting cessation of smoking is the best way to reduce the number of fatalities due to tobacco-related illnesses in the next 20 to 30 years," said Ana Patrícia Dias, president of the Northern Zone Internists Association of General and Family Medicine (AIMGFZN).

"Studies show that about 80% of smokers express their desire to stop smoking, but only 5% succeed in successfully stopping without healthcare. Every year, 35% of smokers try to quit smoking, the success is reduced," he adds.

It's four times easier to stop with medical help, because it allows you to control and reduce the levels of anxiety and other symptoms during the process

Symptoms that are difficult to control

"Smoking is difficult to stop because it is associated with physical and psychological addiction." The symptoms of taking tobacco are often difficult to control, which endangers the success of smoking cessation. smoking during treatment, as it allows control and reduction of levels of anxiety and other symptoms during the process, "said the doctor.

"It is important to plan decisions and help a family doctor, as well as to involve family, friends and colleagues throughout the process. The announcement of the decision to quit smoking will strengthen and facilitate the fulfillment of obligations," says Ana Patrícia Dias.

There are now many health units involved in the national health service, consulting in support of cessation of smoking. "The termination process is monitored by a multidisciplinary team that provides greater support and preparation of the challenges that a person will have to experience," says the clinic.

Ten more years of life

People who leave life on average for another 10 years reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and are at risk for respiratory and respiratory diseases. "We decide, as soon as possible, for greater health benefits," she concludes.

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