Wisla Krakow – Korona Kielce, release and release of the match top league


The match in Krakow is not important for the table layout, as both teams have already secured a lot in Lotto Ekstraklasa and are fighting for a victory in the relegation group. Convenient situation and lack of pressure caused the coaches of both teams the chance to play a few young players. For the first time there are four adolescents in this category: Marcin Grabowski (18), Daniel Hoyo-Kowalski (15), Paweł Sokół (19) and Oskar Sewerzyński (17). Already in the twelfth century, 17-year-old Maciej joined the Siva River, who changed the sloomir peszka.

Experienced Wisła winger was injured in the sixth minute after clash with Severzinski. Since the beginning of the meeting, the crown is quite aggressive, but in time, the hosts also adapt to it, which resulted in the secondary half of Severzinsky. The young midfielder of the crown had to release Ivan Jukik.

The Kielce players from the beginning of the match not only played hard, but also aggressively and have great advantage over the hosts. Before the break, they fired 12 shadows, more of the Vistula. However, the crown was unable to score, although Vato Arveladze hit the bar in the fourth minute. Just before the end of the first half, a very effective shot was given to Ivan Marchez. The Spaniard kicked around 30 meters, the ball was to hit the post next to the post, but the mousse's laces struck the ball to the side with a spectacular parade.

In the second half, the crown also has the advantage, but it lost a goal after a penalty kick. At the 55 minute goal, the ball fought, but it hit the head of Lucas Clemensza. Judge Daniel Stefinsky after an analysis of the war pointed to 11, and the penalty shot was used by Marko Kolar. The 23-year-old crossed for Wisła fourth in a row. Mimiej's hopefully more successful opportunity to play next Words is a good result: 19-year-old Patrick Plevka and 16-year-old Alexander Buks.

The goal is still lost, Corona continue to attack, and Elia Soriano is to help change the result. Although it is already known that the striker will allow Kielce after the time, he entered the field and could make a draw. At first, he did not hit the ball in a comfortable situation, and then missed a little. At the added time of the game, Marcin Cebula also missed a good opportunity.

Lislas succeeded in the goal of Wislas, who added some concentration and confidence to the rest of the show. In the end, Vesla won 1-0 and broke the losing streak. The White Star won its last pitch in March.

On two rounds before the end of the season, Wisła had five points over the crown. In the last two rounds, Corona will play with Zagłębie Sosnowiec and Górnik Zabrze, and "Biała Gwiazda" – with Arka Gdynia and Miedzia Legnica.

Wisła Kraków – Korona Kielce 1: 0 (0: 0)

Gateway: Brain Collar (59 – k.)

Yellow cards: Rafał Pietrzak, Vukan Savicevic – Oskar Sewerzyński, Ivan Marquez, Ognjen Gnjatic, Bartosz Rymaniak, Paweł Sokół, Jakub Żubrowski.

Judge: Daniel Stefansky (Bidgoszcz). Spectators 11,144

Cloud Savicevic, Brain Collar, Kristoff Dzazga (89th Alexander Bucca), Slovakian Peszko (13th Maciej Liliva) – Paveł broek (Michael Suzva), Wulan Kashalsky, Lucas Clemens, 75. Patrick Plevka).

Korona Kielce: Paweł Sokół – Bartosz Rymaniak, Piotr Malarczyk, Ivan Marquez, Michael Gardawski – Oskar Sewerzyński (55. Ivan Jukic), Ognjen Gnjatic, Jakub Zubrowski, Marcin Cebula – Wato Arweładze (75th Octavian Skrzecz), Felicio Brown Forbes Elia Soriano) .

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