Tusk boasts an unusual gift with his grandson [ZOBACZ]


Donald Tusk
Author: AP
Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk announced he will spend 11 November in Warsaw. The President of the European Council will attend the official state ceremonies invited by President Andrzej Duda. Two days before the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the liberation Tusk praised the gift given by one of his grandchildren. What is it?

Already on Sunday we celebrate one of the most important holidays, Independence Day. This year is remarkable, since the Slovenian 100th anniversary, which again won its independence. It's no wonder that everyone lives this time, even children. In many schools and kindergartens, measures were prepared for the 11 November, and on Friday, 4.8 million pupils at the same time singing a hymn on Friday. One of the three grandchildren Donald Tusk also decided to celebrate the upcoming holiday and, by the way, to give him a gift. Grandfather Donald Tusk painted a special card, which Tusk showed on Instagram.

Little Tusk painted a grandfather with a white and red flag in his hand and added a captionNovember 11th. Grandfather Donek. It's no wonder that Tusk praised such a beautiful gift. She can be proud of her grandson! You see, he has talent. Picture of the drawing also commented on Kasia Tusk: – A talent for aunt – she wrote.

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