The shops were closed on Sunday 2018 [KIEDY, DATA, LISTA – 10.11.2018]


The shops are closed on Sunday 2018 when the date list is

Bill on Trade Prohibition on Sundays It contains 39 days in which trade will be closed due to a trade ban in 2018.

On Sundays, trading is prohibited. The law in this case was adopted by the Sejm. It assumes that from March 2018 every month the opening of shops will be open only for two weeks – the first and last, and in 2019 it will be only one Sunday of the month – the last one.

From 1 January 2020 in Poland, trade will be prohibited on all Sundays except seven years – three preachers and last Sunday in January, April, June and August, when the store organizes sales.

Prohibition of trading on Sunday. Some shake hands – watch the video.

The shops were closed on Sunday 2018 when they are

In these days of 2018, the prohibition of trading:

January 1, Monday – holidays
January 6, Saturday – three kings

trade ban March 11, Sunday
trade ban March 18, Sunday
On March 31, the trading time was reduced to 14

April 1st (Easter)
April 8th
April 15th
April 22

May 13
May 20 (Pentecost)

June 10th
June 17th

Sunday without a store in the remaining months can be found on the following page >>>

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