The numbers do not lie. Barcelona says Adios championship. Messy too? Sucker Ball


The numbers do not lie. In the first week of December, Barcelona practically fulfilled his dreams of the championship. Athletic is 12 points ahead for you. Nobody in the history of Laliga has recovered so much to win the title. – It’s still a long way to the end of the season, but if we do not improve the game quickly and we do not get rid of the fluctuations in form, there will be nothing to talk about soon – said Ronald Koeman, but the Fans have no hope. In polls conducted by the Spanish media, approximately 80 percent. Fans say the Catalan Duma has already told the championship “Adios”.

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Everyone is talking about Barcelona weakness

And although, as with any failure, you can look for excuses (fatigue, injuries, ineffectiveness, etc.), none is completely convincing. Everyone is talking about Barca’s weakness today. – My six-year-old son summed it up well Barcelona – Sique Rodriguez, journalist at Cadena SER. The legendary Luis Suarez Miramontes believes that “the team did not know what to play from the first minute”, and perhaps the most alarming words are the words of Alberto Perea. Have expected that it will be much more difficult, “summed the Cadiz player.

The irrational plan of Ronald Koeman

On Saturday night, the Barça players looked as if their ideas were at the famous carnival in Cadiz. Or if they wanted to play the three kings a month earlier, because they were giving the hosts gifts from the beginning of the match. Koeman started with three players who felt the best for the so-called ten – Leo Messi, Antoine Griezmann and Philippe Coutinho. This, as predicted, could not work and in the break the Dutchman had to make corrections, allowing Brazilian Ousmane Dembele, who only made a dribbling attempt in 45 minutes. Then the 0-1 goal was given by Oscar Minguez, who curiously shot on his own goal, and when Barca equalized, there was a disagreement between Clement Langlet and Marc-Andre ter Stegen, which was used by Alvaro Negredo.

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Error Chasing Error

Sergio Buskets said that individual mistakes cost us a lot of points. And it’s hard to disagree with him, especially since you do not need to return to the famous corner kick of the Liverpool in anfield (0: 4) to find other compromising behavior of Barca players. In this season alone, the Catalan Pride lost to Getafe (0-1) after a stupid penalty shot from Frenki de Jong and Atletico (0-1) after the catastrophic mistakes of Ter Stegen and Gerard Pique, and lost points against Alaves (1 -1) Additional junior net error. It hurt all the more because Blaugrana had conceded the first goal six times this season and never won (two draws and four defeats).

Barcelona two faces

In Cadiz, Barca has as much as 82 percent. The possession of the ball (only once in the Pep Guardiola era has struck the result), but she could not use it. Consistently and unsuccessfully, she tried to break the middle, where most players are. And when the solution did not work, they decided to throw in, but only four shots were fired from 24 crosses. The game of the guests lacked panache. Barcelona looked different than in Kiev (4-0 against Dynamo) or in Budapest (3-0 against Ferencvaros). After the meetings, the freshness brought by the youth and the ease with which, for example, Griezmann played, was praised. Theoretically the strongest squad, including Messi, entered Saturday in the Ramon de Carranza field, but – as Suarez Miramontes said – the team lacked aggression, thought, inspiration …

Messi is no longer turning the tide

It is quite symptomatic that even the worst, least decisive version of Messi is still the Barcelona leader, who in a difficult moment was unable to find a solution other than the ball to Leo and hoping that he would come up with something. The Argentine tried and struggled (he won the most duels, 9), trying to take responsibility, but he lacked accuracy (30 lost balls, a season record) and efficiency (he scored the most, 10), And – as Negredo said – “it’s hard to play against ten guys focused on keeping you. You can not blame the 33-year-old for the worst start to the Blaugrana season in LaLiga in over 30 years (for example in November he Had the highest average score in LaLiga according to WhoScored), but it is evident that when Barca needed the leader support this season, Leo he was not able to turn the tide on himself. And to this, he used us in the Recent years.

The Spanish press roars over another Barcelona blop! The Spanish press roars over another Barcelona blop! “She committed suicide”

Barcelona discourages Leo from staying

Messi’s worst nightmare before the start of the season came true. As he was prevented from leaving the club, it became clear that the Argentine would be blamed for any Barca crisis. “We lose because Leo thinks about PSG.” “His contract expires in June, so he does not want to fight for us anymore.” “He plays better without Messi.” You can change it endlessly and even club employees add fuel to the fire. – From an economic point of view, I would have sold Messi last summer. “Toby helped us reach our pay limits,” said Carlos Tuskets, a spokeswoman for the Barcelona Board of Directors. He was publicly scolded by Koeman for the words, later rebuked and promised greater restraint in contacts with the media, but it was too late for such words. Again, it turned out that in a club that went through three crises at the same time (sports, economic and institutional) it was easiest to beat the one who is the best and greatest player in its history. And just as in the summer Joseph Maria Bartomeu did everything to keep the 33-year-old at Camp Nou, now everything is being done to encourage him to take advantage of the offers of Neymar or Pep Guardiola.

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