Search the plot for a small plane near Nowęcin

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An aircraft search activity in Pomerania.

Photo: tvn24

Video: tvn24
Search campaign is in progress

A small plane near the village of Nowęcin, which is in the northeastern part of the village, is underway. "We have been informed by an individual and probably were reliable," said Rafał Goeck, spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Service. The plane should have been in Sarbsko Lake.

The first 24 information came from the event.

"The report was received from an individual and probably was reliable. The search is carried out by the Łeba Coast Rescue Station. We assume that it was actually a plane that lay in the north of Szechenyi Lake in Nowęcin near Łeba – said Rafał Goeck, spokesman for the Maritime Search and Rescue Service in an interview with TVN24.

"At this moment, they are looking for the second vessel, which is the search for the North Pole. Nearby, witnesses were the light of the sky, "he added.

Search resumes

Magdolna Zielke from Lębork Police told PAP that all the services worked.

– In this area there are lakes, seas and forests. The application was not specified. They take them very seriously, and all services are involved in searching for land and water, "he said.

He added that the police interviewed people who "might see something, hear," the SAR units are working on site and the Navy sent a helicopter.

– They are doing their activities. At this point, we do not assume this is a false alarm, "added Zielke.

Author: mb // rzw
Source: TVN24, PAP

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