Ryanair introduced additional fees for large hand luggage. He is now tormented and introduces a ticket for those who are forgotten


Starting from November 1, new luggage began to be used in Ryanair. For us with a lot of hand luggage, which has been free to date, now you have to pay.

So far Ryanair has allowed a lot of hand luggage (dimensions: 55x40x20 cm, weight: 10 kg) and a small bag (eg Briefcase or laptop) in size 35x20x20 cm.

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You pay for a lot of hand luggage

From November 1, only small hand luggage is free, but the dimensions are slightly rising – up to 40x20x25 cm. You will have to pay a large piece of luggage, and this will be possible in several ways:

  1. Purchase a preferred boarding system that allows you to bring two pieces of luggage. The cost will be six euros if you pay for the service when you book a ticket or eight euros if you pay later.
  2. Handling large hand luggage to the luggage compartment (where a large suitcase runs). When booking a ticket, passengers will pay eight euros for it, and then pay 10 euros. The passenger will be able to give only one such luggage.
  3. You can also buy a more expensive tariff (Plus, Flexi Plus or Family Plus). Tickets at these rates always cost more than in the case of a basic tariff.

Read more about Ryanair's luggage policy in our article:

Ryanair launches a reduced price for a month

Ryanair, in the first month of the new baggage policy, decided to introduce a lower rate and less strict enforcement of the amended passenger rules. This facility will last until the end of November.

Our new baggage policy was in place on 1 November, but we informed employees using airline services at airports to be considered for passengers until they are accustomed to the new rules

– Irish airlines have been posted via an independent portal.

Ryanair's marketing manager, Kenny Jacobs, was guest of the RTE Morning Ireland program in a morning show on Monday. In the interview he confirmed a monthly fee for ulgę.

We decided to introduce a reduced interest rate and strictly trigger payment of fees within a few weeks

Notify Jacobs.

The first days of the new baggage policy – an assessment

Ryanair announced on Twitter that it has only recently received positive reviews from airports and passengers about the functioning of the new luggage policy. Their information shows that everything works smoothly and without major delays.

However, some passengers complain about changes in luggage, and argue that new airport rules have a higher queue. As proof of the support of their words, they publish pictures from different airports.

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