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In RDR 2, you will often encounter the need (or option) of dueling. This applies to tasks that play the role and side tasks. Battles differ substantially from those from one or GTA 5, so the rules that govern them should be known.

This is important, among other things, because we can not reach just one button. There is also no way to quickly reach the point of impact and win the battle in a matter of seconds. The opponents are always strong and do not fall on the board after a few strokes.

In this guide, you will learn how to control during the competition, how to win duels, and whether you can use white weapons.

Shot control

Before we get to the details, we need to remember how to set up attacks and implement certain actions during a drama in RDR 2. Although the system does not seem complicated – you can not choose the type of impact – it gives you many choices that make every fight different.

  • Square / X – lock or deactivate (while moving)
  • Kłko / B – Attack
  • Trjkąt / Y – grab the enemy or steal
  • Square / X + direction – throws an opponent during grip
  • Kłko / B (repeated compression) – Get rid of grip

How to compete and win the duel

As soon as the battle begins, you need to focus effective defense. Hold the guards and wait for your opponent to hit. If you respond in the right moment (right after the opposite way), you will make a counterattack. It's a good way to calmly run a duel.

However, it should be noted that reversing and avoiding hunting consumes energy – so you can not do it forever.

You can combine your shots in double or double combinations by repeatedly pressing the attack button. Do not be too convincing – the more you say, the greater the likelihood that the opponent will be a successful block and will break the counterattack.

Grabs are not so convinced of any sort of attack as regular strikes, but they can enchant the fight. When you hold your opponent, you can hit him or rotate him in the direction you want. There is also the possibility of breathing – available during adhesion or after the enemy's target on the ground floor.


Here are some tips:

  • Fighting Red Dead Redemption 2 is a battle loss and fatigue. You can not win a fight with some bumps. Calm down and take your time
  • If you move in any direction while holding the throat button, you will perform effective avoidance, which can also be combined with a counter attack
  • If you wear a blanket during a pause, the hero loses it after the first accurate jaw impact. However, it should be remembered that the hat is easy to find
  • You can fight yourself by focusing on a specific person (and also the interaction menu) and selecting the Hitch option several times. But not everyone is ready to fight

Can you use weapons for weapons?

Unfortunately, the fight against battles in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a separate mechanic who has his own rules. One of them is that you can not pick up the tools from the ground and you can not remove the weapons from the list.

In addition to fighting, you can of course use knives or axles, but when the setting starts, this option is blocked.

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