Lack of employees who are dangerous to the Polish economy. The need for emigrants


Representatives of employers, labor offices and MSPPPS participated in the discussion.

According to PAP, Deputy Minister of Labor Stanisław Szwed stressed that we are increasingly hearing about the needs of employers who have difficulty finding a job.

– The role of employment offices is therefore changing. The purpose of our meeting is to develop a model of operation, in which the participation of employers with working offices will be more effective – said the Swedish.

Director of Labor Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy Ewa Flaszyńska stressed that in the labor offices almost 950,000. people. In her opinion, these are mostly people who are permanently unemployed, with no work experience and qualifications.

– We have many people who are not used on the labor market. On the other hand, we also have employers who report demand for certain workers or report the fact that in some sectors simply lacking employees – said Flaszyńska.

Katarzyna Niemyjska of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers stressed that the solution to the shortage of employees is the opening up of the labor market to economic emigrants. She pointed out that the problem of finding employees is true for every industry, not just for construction or transportation.

– You need appropriate system solutions to help migrants get to Poland. We receive information that many Ukrainians leave to work in Germany. They get free language courses there, employers give them an opportunity to get ready for work, change qualifications faster. This is worth inspiring because labor shortage in the labor market will endanger the Polish economy – said Niemyski, quoted by PAP.

She added that Poland should receive five million economic emigrants by 2050 in order to maintain the current scale of economic growth.

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Marzanna Skoczek, the director of the settlement office in Grójec, emphasized that only this year farmers and fruit growers from the area of ​​its poviat submitted about 50,000. applications for the permission of seasonal work of aliens.

– We are the pawn that registers the most such applications, the vast majority refers to Ukrainian citizens – emphasized Skoczek.

She also stressed that employers who apply for an employment office usually offer candidates a minimum wage for candidates. "It's hard to find people who are willing to work for these levels," she said.

Nysi Małgorzat Pliszka, director of the settlement office in the settlement of the labor service study, emphasized that it could be possible to acquire two million inactive people from the labor market.

She added that today a professionally inactive person is primarily a woman over 50 or a long-term unemployed person.

– We do not exploit the potential that is hidden in these people. Often, in the long run, we need to persuade employers to opt for the employment of older employees, and usually return to our registries – emphasized Pliszka.

The meeting at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy took place in the framework of European employers' days, which will last until November 16th.

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