Jacek Dehnel married his beloved!


Jacek Dehnel (38 years old) and his beloved Piotr have decided to marry after years of connections. A famous writer on his Facebook has posted some moving pictures …

Jacek Dehnel is a well-known Polish writer. His books were nominated for the Nike Literary Award five times.

The writer does not hide the fact that he is homosexual. She has been living in a happy relationship with Piotr for years.

Dehnel is actively involved in the struggle for equal rights of minorities in our country.

Unfortunately, this has not changed much in this case yet, and Poland remains one of the last countries of the European Union, where trade unions are not recognized.

The writer decided not to wait any longer and together with his loved one flew to London to formalize his relationship there.

Dehnel recognizes that their relationship will not be legally recognized in Visla, but it is important to use "fundamental human rights" in this way.

"Yesterday, November 8, 2018, at the fifteenth anniversary of our relationship, we married in London's Wandsworth Town Hall, the sun descended, then rose, the sky did not fall on the head – and the good Polish family was not damaged.

The only difference is that we are now husband and husband. And although nothing changes in Poland, the use of basic human rights was beautiful and even touching, "Dehnel writes on Facebook.

We wish you all the best in a new way of life!

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