In "America Express" participants abused Lima residents. "I have specially selected the older midwives because they seemed more open to me"


Previous episode of the program America Express turned into an atmosphere of causing chaos exchange pair. They reached the final line Dawid Domański in Tomasz Karolakwhich he should be out of the programbecause David saved his sister Alexander She signed up as third. Sounds complicated, but most importantly, this Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak she was happy to announce that all these nerves and efforts were useless, because and no one falls out.

But how tomorrow and jacub should go tomorrow in Cuzco I bought air tickets online Karolak was irritating.

The first phase led to the Bolivar Hotel in Lima, where the first couple came, has a luxurious accommodation provided in the company of another, freely chosen couple. While Maciej Musialowski from Anna Małysa. Pamela Stefanowicz from Mateusz Janusz Dawid and Aleksandra Domańscy jumped to the race, which almost fell, Chajzerowie and Karolak from Jakub Urbański stolidly they went to the goal with a step, which exchange critical comments among themselves.

What's going on there? – Karolak was surprised when he looked at the young people who went with a broken neck.
The luxury of these people is frightening Zygmunt said with supremacy
Well, just so? Philip commented heavily. Look at them, what are they doing?
I'm not interested, and so we stink Carolyn admitted. What's the difference, will we stink three days longer …?

We agreed that this apartment is 90 meters away Whoever comes first, he will leave other couples – trusts the shooter Philip.

It turned out that Maciej and Ania completely remembered the findings and allowed him to take only one pair.
Maybe Philip and Zygmunt? Ania wondered
But Tomasz and Jacob, They are also old – suggested Maciej.

In fact, they were the first to arrive at the hotel where they were staying in a presidential apartment with a private tile.
After three weeks of laying in the mud, I am happy to accept all kinds of luxury – recognized Ania.

Like the other couple they took it to Domniskis.
There was no other choice – explained Maciek.
Anyway, this line would appear here – said David, convinced that together with Olo came to the hotel as the other. Indeed Fit Lovers appeared before thembut they were sent with a certificate.

In this situation, Pamela and Mateusz decided to join forces with Chajerów and Karolaczy and in six found accommodation in a private home.
This evening could not finish better Philip admitted.
Give me the guitar, I will sing about the love of Zygmunt August and Barbara Radziwiłówna – Karolak announced.

The next day, two are housed in the luxury couple they woke up in cats. Maciek was in the worst.
We are at different heights, so the cat is different – he explained scientifically, traditionally without trousers. Let this nightmare end …

The task to be done on the Lima market has proved to be selling wholesale sausages for mustard sausages for a total price of 50 salts, which is as short as 56 PLN.

This is not hell, and yet already bites Ziggi said in the ordinary energetic Pamela.
Musiałowski and Małysa decided to bend the rules of the task and The 50-million-dollar hotel was dressed from a rich party in exchange for only three hot dogs.

At the control site on the fruit market the first to report: Musialowski from Małysa and Fit Lovers and among them was the fight for amulets, consisting of the construction of towers from wooden boxes. To make it difficult for participants they were tied up with a string.
We were joking that we were walking on each other – explained Mateusz.
For now we are connected to the chain – she acknowledged.
I do not know how to proceed, I did not say "yes" Mateusz notices her enthusiasm.

This tower is such an allegorical installation – Maciek explained out of the box from the wrong tower. It reflects my current situation and refers to the political situation in Poland and the world …
I'll leave for a safe distance – Woźniak-Starak predicted announced.
The competition is almost invisible, with Fit Lovers winning only 30 centimeters.

The second opinion was to obtain popular aphrodisiac in Peru, which was ripped off with and kiss the lips of three arbitrarily chosen people of the opposite sex. Ola and Pamela did not have a problem with this while the men did it They had to pray, compassion and often attack surprises. Besides, of course, Karolak, who set up a bar and kissed only young and beautiful girls.
This task was real cool – acknowledged David. I especially chose older grandmothers because they seemed more open to me …

At the end of the episode, Musiałowski and Małys were the first to sign up, and Fit Lovers, Domańscy and Karolaki arrived almost simultaneously.
Zygmunt and Filip Chajzer both said goodbye to the program.

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