Free November 12th? The fair will decide today


November 12 is a new day, although nothing has been sealed yet. Now the bill has to go through the Sejm again. This is a priority for Members.

The seventh fair starts on November 7th and ends on November 9th. The advantage of the new free day, November 12th, is the advantage of the Sejm.

In accordance with the previous timetable for the session, Members will begin to deal with this matter at 2 pm and at 14.15 votes are already envisaged. It is expected that they will last a quarter of an hour according to the timetable.

The law on the National Day of PiS was passed on Tuesday evening on Tuesday evening. The project went to the Senate. The PiS project was supported by 46 Senators with amendments, against 20 against.

Due to the Senate amendments, the project had to hit the Sejm again.

PiS slipped away from the side. "Populism stopped working". Watch the video:

Free November 12th. Sejm, then President

There are many indications that the project in the Sejm will not have any problems. The first version of the law was supported by 233 deputies, against only 105, while 77 votes abstained.

– Let us one day devote ourselves to such an important holiday for the Poles. Let us feel the excellence of the anniversary of the anniversary – but the replacement of the deputy of Roberto Telus, advocate for the defense, was defending the idea.

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