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Divers are littering in Miyzyzdroje. At the bottom of the scooter, a seagull is plated with a vein and a huge lining


On Tuesday, July 23, as part of the # BezPlastiku action organized by Greenpeace, the bottom of the Baltic Sea in Międzyzdroje was cleaned. Black Angel Divers divers are under the ground and found plastic rubbish and parts of fishing nets, wardrobe items, glass and plastic bottles and scooters.

Divers caught trash from the Baltic. "Unfortunately, it is not possible to lift the carpet"

Divers admit that this year the plastic trash – for example, bottles or cans lying on the bottom of the Baltic Sea was less than in previous years. The problem is the increasing amount of plastic or floating in the bags of water foil. Their removal from the sea is extremely difficult, since after they break into small fragments.

These conditions are very difficult today, visibility is sometimes reduced to zero. Probably, most of the time, garbage was less than last year, while a lot more floating plastic bags and crumbling plastic can be lifted out of the water.

– Reported by Tomasz Wciórka of Black Angel Divers, who participated in the action.

As he added, some of the garbage lying on the bottom of the sea are so great that they couldn't be found. – Unfortunately, we could not carry the carpet. I think it is about 20 square meters, it is very difficult and we could not do this even with lifting equipment – he said.

Under the pier in Międzyzdroje, divers also found small fragments of fishing nets. As they say, one team managed to save the fish entangled in the net. During the action of the sea, a dead alarm was fished, which was braided in a fishing line.

The entire action is intended to encourage the signing of the petition, "Let us stop the plastic epidemic," addressing the minister of the environment, Henryk Kowalczyk. Greenpeace announces that up to now 8 billion tons of plastic have been produced in the world and only nine percent. It was to use again. Petition For Poland to welcome the targets of the European Parliament and Council directors (EU) on June 5, which prohibited the use of disposable cutlery and plates, ear buds, straws and spokes for Drink. Petition You find Here >>

On Wednesday, July 24, another group of divers clean the seabed at Kołobrzeg. As part of the Bałtyk #BezPlastiku action, it is also diving on the coastal towns.

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