Chronos: Before the Ash – Review and opinion about the game [PS4, XOne, NS, PC]


The hero aging with the time of the game is a rarely used theme, which does not mean that you can not indicate some interesting titles where he was present, such as Might & Magiqui or Fable. Chronos: Before the Ashes However, it goes a step further in the subject and our character, the older the more vulnerable. Or maybe it’s a bad way of thinking since age also has its possibilities? In this review about what is more important: youthful strength and power or life experience and hidden talents.

Chronos: Before the Ashes Contrary to appearances, it is not a completely new game. The rather conceptually interesting RPG-action virtual reality (without a subtitle) first appeared on the Oculus Rift in 2016, and unlike the reviewers, the gaming community was quite well received. Three years later, the sequel to the game appeared the much sought after remnant: From the Ashes. Forging iron, while the hot studio Gunfire Games decided to re-release the first part, but in a form available to all players. However, whether the title without any VR elements is still playable enough to be interested in this, the review will try to answer.

Kill a dragon in Chronos: Before the ashes is a complete mission

Chronos: Before the Ash - Review and opinion about the game.  The combat system

The very concept of this scenario Chronos: Before the Ashes It is not very wide, but quite interesting to look at. In general, mankind inadvertently awakened a mighty dragon which, by sending its helpers to our world, pushed it almost to the tribal age. In general, a short ball, we are the chosen ones, who must go to the mysterious labyrinth (simplifying) to get it, and this is it. We have a whole game life for both figuratively and literally.

In general, the plot is very rudimentary here, and we learn about the created world by searching the archives we encounter and documents scattered here, which is necessary for the whole game. You can forget long dialogues, broad cuts, but it’s hard for me to criticize the whole solution, because in return we get a universe that combines techno-industrial and mystical-mythological threads, which somehow can intrigue.

Chronos: Before the ashes casts of virtual reality

Chronos: Before the Ash - Review and opinion about the game.  Site exploration

As for an RPG, the gameplay is also not extensive, at least in its current form copied from VR devices. You can immediately see that the title, although simple when it comes to mechanics, is fights with dexterity. They are similar in style to those of the Souls series (blocks, dodges, timing for a counterattack), though of course, they are not the league. The thing is quite fun, unless we expect miracles, but unfortunately that characterized the VR version and gave it deep and considerable possibilities is lost. For example, the view of the eyes gave the game a completely different perspective.

Fortunately, two things remained that made it Chronos: Before the Ashes It has not become a boring shell like many on the market. The first thing is the adventure elements, thanks to which the sword will not always be in the job, allowing gray cells to overcome certain obstacles on the way. This is not too complicated puzzles, especially since there are hints here and there, but they play an important role in the whole game.

Aging on a schedule

Chronos: Before the Ashes.  Binding and style

The second idea mentioned at the beginning of the review is II Chronos: Before the Ashes Hero aging system. Although, unfortunately, we do not have much influence on the creation, except the choice of gender, but when our character dies, we age by a year, which is not without consequences. We start at the age of 18 and extend our lives up to eighty. At the time, we acquire new skills, but our fighting style slowly changes. The roleplay statistics that we develop are only four, but they are the key to the whole system. When we were young, it was a great temptation to rely on strength and dexterity, but the years pass and we gradually weaken, relying more and more on mystical spells, so that in old age we can almost completely fail to deal with weapons.

In any case, when selecting from talents, we must consider whether to invest in the future, or in something that gives immediate results. Another thing is that in my opinion, we make “live” choices a little too rarely, so we do not affect the character as if we could, but this element of the game is good for you. The downside is a small number of available weapons, although it can be strengthened. In addition, for an RPG the fun is very short because in twelve hours we can visit all four wide locations.

Bright and shadows chronos: before the ashes

Visually Chronos: Before the Ashes Evokes mixed feelings. Fans of the original version may not like the switch to the third-person camera view, but I do not notice that there are any problems. This is similar to the visual setting, where you need to separate two issues: the quality and aesthetic issues. In any case, the title hula on the unreal engine and technically, it looks like it would have been created two generations upside down. While playing on PlayStation 4, we will notice even poor anti-aliasing on our character, medium-quality textures and rather stiff animations with 30 frames. And long loading times for each stage, not to mention. However, when you consider the artistic experience, it is quite good.

The places visited are tastefully designed, rich in details, and at the same time exhaust a specific atmosphere. Once we visit a vast military-scientific complex stylized in the 1960s, and in a moment we move to a strong rock fortress or a dark dungeon for a change. As you can see, the game combines different, seemingly contradictory styles, but the whole mix does not clash with each other, creating a rather sensible world. During exploration, we were also accompanied by an ear pleasing soundtrack, and the game itself was palliative, though bugs occur here and there.

Chronos: Before the Ashes However, there is no more that you could experience on the Oculus Rift, and if not for some interesting ideas that somehow survived, it would have been drowned in a lot of weak, knee RPGs. Luckily, it did not happen and finally the fans of the genre could win the title, if they just have time to spend their free time and it will be a big “penny” promotion.

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