Blue Origin Jeff Bezos build a lunar lander


Jeff Bezos, creator of Amazon and the site company Blue Origin, wants people to return to the moon. The billionaire wants to fight for his company to get into the program of an American return to Earth satellite. On Thursday, he presented an impressive model of the moon lawn called Blue Moon.

Bezos would like to do the actions of the American government, which plans to make the moon a base in five years. The billionaire revealed that he was Blue Origin is working on landing for three years, That is to be ready by 2024 at the last.

Blue Origin Jeff Bezos builds the land

There is a near-two-story (about 5-meter) spacecraft that – according to Bezos & # 39; announcements – will be able to put four smaller Moon rovers on the moon's surface.

Photo: Mark Wilson / Staff / Getty Images

Photo: Mark Wilson / Staff / Getty Images

The current version, which model Bezos presented at the conference, Will be able to deliver up to 3.6 tons of cargo to the moon, but it's planned to increase its payload to 6.5 tons. Unloading is to allow for extended durability. The lander can also transfer microsatellites, which will enter the orbit around the lunar orbit.

For the rocket, which is supposed to bring the Blue Moon lander, Blue Origin is preparing The liquid hydrogen is filled with a new BE-7 engine of approximately 40 tons. The first tests of the car are in the summer of 2019.

The Bezos conference and announcement is on Twitter by rival Elon Musk.

"Oh, stop teasing, Jeff," wrote Space creator.

Space plans from Jeff Bezos

Recall – Blue Origin has built and tested the New Shepard rocket many times, in the near future, to transport space tourists, and also to work on a much larger rocket – New Glen, through which it plans to implement satellite contracts, or to carry Satellite or government satellites, like competitive space games.

Bezos is planning to organize a suborbital flight with passengers on board this year and complete the new Glenn missile by 2021.

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In March, US There. Vice President Mike Pens called NASA to build a site platform into a lunar orbit and Placement of American astronauts in the south pole of the moon until 2024. – Four years faster than previously planned.

"We can help in the implementation of this plan," explains Bezos on Thursday.

NASA is aiming at the southern pole of the moon, as scientists predict that this area contains a sufficient amount of water that can be obtained and used, among other things for the synthesis of additional rocket fuel.


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