Better than Black Friday. So cheap Xbox one console is where you will not buy

Microsoft did not show off its offer on Black Friday. Consoles are cheaper than usual in his store, but there are even better prices in electromagnetes – without Black Friday. However, I have a more suggestion.

Microsoft has overstamated its Blackbox Xbox one's consoles. In the cheapest version, the console now costs £ 899 – it's an Xbox One S with a 0.5-terabyte disc and the included game Gears of War 4. But just look at the Media Market website to know that this console has been available for a long time Time in an even better offer.

However, I will not advise you any suggestion from Poland. The cheapest – as it turns out – to bring equipment from abroad. Before you start with disappointment, I'll calm you down a bit. It's about the German Amazon – and so a serious and responsible seller, and live with us, so the package should quickly come. And free shipping.

Xbox One S – where is the cheapest? On the Amazon.

The Xbox One's console with a single-hard hard disk drive and the fortnight game in the amount of PLN 745. This is the cheapest and the best offer for Microsoft on the net. Especially that this terabyte disc will be very useful – Games for consoles usually take additional teens from GB of Art.

It's the cheapest offer, although not the only one on Amazon. For some ten zlotys, there are more sets with a second block or with forza Horizon 4 or Battlefield l. In every case, free shipping, though the FORTNITE version is the most attractive price.

Why is it worth buying an Xbox one?

This console is compatible with hundreds of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360, and also selected titles for the first-generation Xbox Console. A very convenient pad is attached to it, in addition, acquiring games on Xbox One is simple and inexpensive. Thanks to such services as EA Access, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass (each requires subscription fee, some to a dozen złotis per month), we get access to hundreds of titles without any additional charge.

If that is not enough, the Xbox One S is a great multimedia player at an unbeatable price – considering all its features. The console is equipped with a UHD Blu-ray drive and expands 4K resolution with HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. There are also applications such as Netflix, Prime Video and ShowMax. This means that it is an excellent equipment for movies and series in high quality.

You can buy Xbox One S for 745 PLN in this link.

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