Taylor Swift named the most Influential & # 39; Twitter user from 2018 – though she just tweeted 13 times


Liam foam also hit President Donald Trump for the title of number 1 male tweeter

Taylor Swift is named Twitter's Most Influential & # 39; Conversion of 2018, despite being tweeted only 13 times a year.

Fire watch, A social media analysis company, released their annual list of top influencers today (28 November). Look at what you have to do & # 39; Pop star came out on top of the women's list, receiving a & # 39; Influencer score of 98 out of 100.

First rival Katy Perry landed in second place with 96 points – ahead of Kim Kardashian West, Demi Lovato, and Ellen Deneenenes.

On the people's list, Liam Payne is (somehow) named the most influential tweeter – beating President Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, and Barack Obama.

The latest scores are said to be based on the authentic creatures created by the Personal Accounts – along with other Twitter metrics.

With the likes of Swift – which last tweeted in June – and rather rarely posting on the social media site, the global stars are "able to generate a huge amount of engagement" Fire watch Data journalist Gemma Joyce.

Last month, Swift ended political silence to back Democrats in US. It. Midterm elections – though she chose Instagram on Twitter to ask her fans to vote.

Check out the list below.

Top 5 most influential women on Twitter in 2018

1.Taylor Swift
2. Katy Perry
3.Kim Kardashian west
4.Temi Lovato
5.Everything else

Top 5 Most Influential People On Twitter In 2018

1.Liam Payne
2.Donald Trump
3.Justin Bieber
4. Barack Obama
5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Meanwhile, Katy Perry was brought from Taylor Swift and was named the highest-paid woman in music earlier this month. Forbes Estimated that Perry earned $ 83 million (£ 64.9 million) between June 2017 and June 2018, while Swift took $ 80 million (62.3 million).

In other news, Swift recently signed a huge new contract with the Universal Music Group, which also secures money for other musicians.

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