Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip 's Suite # 39; Throwback photos sent on the 71st anniversary of the couple

Queens Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrated their 71th anniversaryst Marriage Anniversary on Tuesday, November 20.

To commemorate the Royal Couple's special day, Express released a series of sweet throwback photos featuring her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh. The first colored photo shows the pair standing at each other after they announced their engagement in July 1947.

Months later, Queens and Prince Philip placed a photo on their November 20, 1947 wedding day. In this snap, the monarch and Prince Philip are looking for love in each other's eyes.

The couple is also photographed standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their nuptials. The queen holds a bouquet of flowers, while Prince Philip is waving to the massive burden.

Four years later, Prince Philip and the Queen were snapping sitting on the grounds of their home with their toddler Prince Charles. And in 1952, the couple was once again all smiles when the queen was crowned.

Many years later, Prince Philip and the Queen celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. They were expelled from their homes to commemorate the special day. Prince Philip is looking straight at the queen's eyes, while her majesty is coming soon.

In 2007, the much older royal couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with another expensive photographer. In the snap, the queen holds Prince Philip's arm while they are again looking at each other.

During the Golden Wedding anniversary of the 1997 Square, she opened up her relationship with Prince Philip.

"He said, quite simply, was my strength and stayed all the years," she said.

Prince Philip also gushed over his wife during the same interview.

"I think the main lesson that we have learned is that tolerance is the essential ingredient of any happy marriage, it can not be as important as this is good, but it is absolutely vital when walking is difficult," he said. Metro UK).

The queen is now 92 years old, and Prince Philip is 97 year old. The latter has been retired from attending northern engagements as a royal last year.

Queens Elizabeth II, Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrated an important milestone in their wedding this week. Pictures: The Prince, Prince Philip, is waiting for the carriage of Prince Eugene of York and her husband Jack BrowBank to pass at the beginning of the procession after their wedding ceremony at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on October 12 2018. Photo: Getty Images / Alastair Grant / AFP

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