Liquid Signs of CoreJJ – Inven Global

CoreJJ, the former support for Gen.G Esports, will now join Team Team, one of the best LC LCS teams. The announcement was made public on 17 November at 17.00 (PST) through the official account of TL for Social Media.

CoreJJ was yet another player whose contract expired 17th, although he did not need long to find a new home – Team Liquid. Originally he started his career as AD Carry for Bigfile Miracle in 2014; although his start may not have been remarkable, he gradually moved to higher achievements in the Premier League legends with Team Dignitas, Samsung Galaxy, KSV eSports and then Gen.G Esports. During his stay at Samsung Galaxy, he changed his role in supporting his new ADC, the ruler; Since then, the game also has support in other teams.

With CoreJJ on its list, Samsung Galaxy made the first place in the LCK finals twice, but eventually won the World Championship in 2017 after SKT T1 won. Later, he returned to the game Worlds as part of Gen.G in 2018 with a dramatic victory in the LCK 2018 Final. His frequent occurrence in the worlds is just one of the testament in his great skill.

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