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LightSail 2 spacecraft successfully deploys solar sail


Solar Lightcraft 2 Solar Spacecraft has successfully deployed its solar sailboat team, announced in the Planetary Society team. The plans to deploy the solar sail today were first revealed in July 19, during which time the team declared that a spacecraft ride in the range of its Kauai Community College Ground Station would give flight controllers a final chance to appreciate the Lightsail 2's status. In today's update, the team revealed that all signs point to successful deployment.

The Light Rail 2 is a spacecraft equipped with a solar sail designed to pass the ship into low ground orbit using sunlight. Launched on June 25, this spacecraft could be the first of its kind – a demonstrator of solar power making a viable way to power cubes.

LightSail 2 features eight 4.2W batteries and can be monitored in real-time by anyone using the newly released & # 39; mission dashboard & # 39; Website. On Tuesday, July 23, around 15:00 ET, the team behind LightSail 2 announced the work that was being done, preparing all the indications for a successful displacement of the spacecraft's solar sail.

The sail deployment command was sent to the spacecraft around 2:45 am, afterwards, telemetry data on the ship's engine showed an increase as expected for the deployment followed by the engine hopping at the expected time.

Spacecraft cameras are used to capture images from the event. According to a tweet from the Planetary Society, the team will start downlinking the images to confirm the deployment. In his latest update on this, the team explained:

Lightsail 2 did not rise far above the horizon, and communications performance with the spacecraft was lower than previous passes, possibly due to the orientation of the spacecraft during the ride and the presence of the newly deployed solar sail. The team cannot download image thumbnails and will try again tomorrow [on July 24].

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