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The last night Knockouts starts at "Voice"! With 1 theft and 2 grids for judges, talent is reduced! Who will succeed in the live? – Follow along with our live blog for timely updates!

The last night Knockouts is here! Tonight's episode Voice will be composed of the remaining competitors performing their last round of Knockouts. After tonight, we'll know who makes it live.

So, here it is, how it works tonight: In the group from the same team, individual artists are selected, who will record individual performances one after the other. Remember: unlike the battlefields, where two members of each team are familiar with the duet together, these artists will sing solo, with all the views on them alone!

But, here is the stress factor: Two artists are not informed about who are in a matter of minutes before their appearance. This time, artists will select their song to perform, and then their trainers will give instructions and advice in the usual way. After the performance, the coaches will decide which competitor to move in the competition. Each coach also has only one steal and one saving. (You will want to remember this).

As you may know, Mariah Carey he joined the show as a key advisor to every coach – Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine in Jennifer Hudson – and all 32 competitors. Who will come to live extensions? Take a look at our results!

TIM KELLY: SARAH GRACE Vs. CHENEL SHEPHARD – Singers can be teenagers, but they have the voices of the wind. Sarah Grace has more sounds of "old soul", says Mariah. We sing, "I'd rather be blind" Etta James. Kelly chose an artist whom she thinks is ready, but now she was fighting with other older artists.

  • The winner: CHENEL

TEAM ADAM: DEANDRE NICO Vs. JAKE WELLS – DeAndre, a soul artist who can sing the country, wanted to emphasize this skill, singing "Wanted" Hunter Hayes. Meanwhile, Jake does ColdplayIt's "yellow". He wants to prove to Adam that he is a musician and a singer, so he has his keyboard to make the show even more his own. – That's what Adam wants because he does not want Jake to sound like an original. In the end, it was obvious that DeAndre was the favorite. His performance prevailed over Jake, but Adam said he was ready to win.


They are here:

Jennifer Hudson: MaKenzie Thomas, Patrick Fortson, SandyRedd, Franc West

Kelly Clarkson: Keith Paluso, Kymberli Joye, Zaxai, Abby Cates

Adam Levine: Tyke James, Reagan Strange, RADHA, Cameron Marlowe

Blake Shelton: Natasha GrayCloud, Funsho, Dave Fenley

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